PISTACHIO ICE CREAM - No churn and No eggs Celebrating the National Ice cream Day and Month

Incidentally, I came to know that it is International Ice cream day today. It was in the 80's, the then President Mr Ronald Reagan declared July to be the Ice cream month and every third Sunday of July be International Ice cream day.  That's a quite an information for ice cream lovers like me. I found this reason fitting enough for this post.

Ice creams can be feasted upon in any season be it summer, winter or rains and just like that for no reason. It is an all time favourite for many . That includes me as well. I can relish a scoop even during midnight. Yeah! I am like that. Crazy me! How about you? I am all ears to know and hear from you. Off to my scoop story now.

I never knew making Pistachio ice cream at home could be such an easy affair until I watched Gemma Stafford's No machine Ice cream series. I admit that ice cream making cannot be easier than that. I do have ice cream recipes on my space that are quite similar to this, but the concept of whipping up a fluffy standard base with heavy cream and condensed milk followed by flavour incorporation made it all new and super impressive. If you prefer, you can separate the base into two parts and add pure Vanilla extract to one half, mix well and freeze to make No Machine Vanilla ice cream. You can also replace the extract with Vanilla bean pods. Just slit the beans open with a knife and scoop out the center content. Mix it into the base. You will find tiny speckles of vanilla all over. It is as simple as that. Continue by mixing well and freeze.

All this while, I had been using my mixer grinder to get all the ingredients combined. This did not give me enough volume. It was quite a task for me to  manually prepare the base as I don't own a stand mixer or hand mixer. But, I forgot all the strain when my family enjoyed the dessert. Pistachio was a flavour request from my FIL and this was specially prepared for him. 

Preparation Time: 15 mins
Freezing time : Overnight
Recipe level : Easy
Recipe Category: Desserts
Cuisine: World
Yields : 850 ml
Source : Bigger Bolder Baking


  • 400 gm/1 tin Full Cream Condensed Milk 
  • 450 ml heavy whipping cream ( I used Nestle Cream)
  • 1 cup good quality unsalted Pistachios
  • Few drops of green food colour ( optional)

  • In a pan, dry roast the Pistachios for 5 mins in low flame. Transfer the nuts to a plate and set aside. This step helps the essential oils to release and also imparts a light natural green tint to the ice cream. 
  • When slightly warm, pulse it once or twice in a mixer to leave a coarse mixture of powder and bits.
  • Refrigerate the condensed milk and cream for 2 hrs before you start. Using your stand or hand mixer, whip the condensed milk and cream to form soft peaks. It takes a while if you use a hand beater like me. Add food colour at this point ( if you prefer).
  • Once you finish, add 3/4th of nut mixture into the base and combine well. Reserve the rest to top up finally. 
  • Transfer the mixture to a freezer safe container. Close with a lid or cling wrap and freeze overnight. Overnight freezing gives sufficient time for the nut flavour to seep in. 


  1. Love the flavour...Very nice dear:),,,Totally agree with your saying!!

  2. all time favourite flavour...tasty treat

  3. Slurp! Pistachio flavor... yum...

  4. I love pistachio ice-ream. And this one looks so full of yummy flavors! Loved the fact this is no-churn and eggless! YUMMY!

  5. Love pistachio flavor, ice cream looks yum!

  6. yummy treat for this summer...love it

  7. wish i could grab that now...yummmy!!

  8. Just finished making this, and it is amazing!!! This recipe is more like a Gelato than an ice cream, quite rich but it leaves you with no sweet tooth craving

  9. Simple Recepie,im sure this one going to taste amazing🙌

  10. Simple Recepie,im sure this one going to taste amazing🙌


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