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Hi Everyone..

At the outset, who does not like to eat?? I am sure all of you love to!! and so do I and that prompts me to pen my blog, which I hope you will relish !!

Before I take you further into my culinary world, let me introduce myself to those whom I am new. I am Sowmya and my family calls me as ‘Tuma’. Now you must have guessed why I have the name of my blog thus.  I hail from Coimbatore and now married and settled in Singapore (Yes, the so-called Food Paradise) with my husband Srivatsan, my In laws and our "Little Angel'' Vishwaja whom I mention as Little 'V'

I too, like many others, evince great interest in cooking, eating and 
carving new recipes. Considerable years of  my childhood were also spent in Hyderabad before I moved to Coimbatore. Through this blog, I would like to reach all of you by putting down by repertoire of recipes that I have not just learnt, but also enjoyed cooking. That’s for my background. In addition, my educational focus was on Food and Nutrition – and that makes me add an extra dimension in shaping up this entire space. Besides cooking, my other hobbies are singing, dancing, painting and creating glass art. 

Born into a family where extensive mouth-watering cooking over the years by my grandmothers, mother, aunts and relatives have made me not just admire them the way they have made dishes but appreciate what is good and healthy cooking – something that could satiate you even from the very look of it.  Now, being married into another family with both my mother-in-law and husband being excellent cooks, my desire to cook more and more knows no bounds. My Mother-in-law has introduced me to a range of recipes – right from a suite of South Indian delights through to a medley of sweets and savouries.  Hailing from an Iyengar family, my recipes have a basic South Indian Tam Bram touch.   

The recipes published in this blog are the ones that I have learnt since college days from the Foods Laboratory and from a collection of texts, recipe books, my Mom and family members, near and dear, friends, fellow bloggers (with due credits) and of my own. I have hosted quite a number of South Indian flavours and you can also find recipes from other Regional and International cuisines. 

Being a Nutritionist technically, I will also be adding some nutritional information on food and food facts in my space. However, I dont intend to make this space a look out for Therapeutic solutions. I would also like to emphasize that Diet is a prescription and is tailor-made. There is no one size fits all concept. Each body is different and so are the needs - varies on ethnicity, region, height, weight, activity level, BMI, disease condition, allergy factors etc..etc. Should you have any health issues, do consult  your Doctor/ Dietitian before trying out recipes and feel free to replace any ingredient that would suit your requirement. Further, please be aware that the spice levels and measurements mentioned are based on the likes and preferences of my family members and myself.  All the recipes on this space are tried and tested in my kitchen and only those that succeed are shared with a trust that the given measures would also be agreeable to most of the readers. 

Food photography is totally new to me and I am making a sincere effort to improve my skill in this area. I initially use  a ( initially used Canon point and shoot digital camera ) a Nikon D 3200 (a thoughtful birthday gift from my better half ). So far I have been using the basic kit lens to shoot my pictures and most of them are shot in day light. My husband recently bought me a Nikon 35 mm prime lens and I am experimenting with it. Needless to say that I love it.  I need to go a long way to write anything more on this. I can say that every click is a learning and practice is the best way to perfection !!

I welcome, oh not just welcome, but urge you to try these recipes at your leisure!!

Whilst I hope you will find the blog a quick stop and shop for some every day delights, do spare some time to feedback to me, your comments and suggestions if you have tried them or e mail me at:!! That I hope, will add an extra spice to my Tongue Treats!! 

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Happy Cooking


  1. ......Hi , nice to know you CHEF ! ******. Thank you for having me in your circle . If I can assist you, in any way (re:numerology), please contact me .Just in case you need a second opinion .Best regards !******.

  2. Hi sowmya this is great! I love your blog. :)

    1. Thanks much for stopping by Skyla. How have you been?

  3. Hi sowmya.. nice to know. Great spot. Same pinch with related to photography.. Me too learning and sometimes I end up taking pics in the evening and winters I lose the sunlight. Will be coming here often for sure.


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