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Hi there readers. There is a guest again to share my space and this time it is on healthy eating options. I sincerely thank Best Pressure cooker Reviews for taking this initiative to share my space.. Much appreciated. Read on now please. 

Sometimes our eating habits are heavily dependent on the weather patterns because of the need to stay warm or cool at all times. It is not surprising therefore when you decide to throw away the hot ingredients and replace them with some warm but healthy subs. We have compiled a comprehensive list of some the most delish healthy comfort foods.
1. Vegetable mac and cheese
This is the delicacy we all enjoyed when we were young. But this does not necessarily mean that we can’t enjoy them as adults. However, the vegetables aspect of this delicacy makes it even more enticing and justifiable. Add a combination of some spinach, broccoli, peas and tomatoes.When all this is mixed up and prepared well, preferably in your pressure cooker( click here to know more), you have the best healthy meal of the day from the start.

2. The Shepard’s pie
This is a delicacy comprising of mashed potatoes, grounded beef and some cheese. This sounds more of a guilty diet than a healthy comfort meal, right? Well, it need not be. The best way to ensure you end up with a healthy meal is to mix all these with healthier vegetable options including parsnips and cauliflower. When all this is done, put everything together and start your preparation. You need not reduce the fat butter already in place because the vegetable mix gives you the comfort of a healthy meal at the end of the day.

3. Green bean casserole
A lot of families are familiar with this delicious serving especially during the thanks giving ceremonies. However, most people have negated the healthiness of this meal because of the fried onion and the creamy mushroom base. The best way out with a healthy option is to do away with the canned mushroom and the prepackaged onion. Ensure your soup is also low on sodium and go for fresh mushrooms. The result is a crunchy onion top with the same taste but low on fat and high in nutrients. 

4. Mashed potatoes
This is one of the most famous and popular starch options in many households. However, the normal mashed potatoes are rife with high content of carbohydrates that are not as healthy as they are advertised to be. With this, you can try a substitute that comes with a higher content of protein but low on carbohydrates. The protein options would be Cannellini beans and cauliflower. The best part is that this has the same texture and feel as the mashed potatoes. An even better part is that it has more nutritional value than the original mashed potatoes and even boasts of a  better taste.

5. Baked beans
Baked beans are rich in proteins and are a favorite of many BBQ options. But all this is negated with the reality of the browning that would not translate to a healthy comfort dish. So for most people, the bacon in this delicacy is substituted with liquid smoke and the result is a healthy option of the baked beans. The brown sugar that constitutes the topping can be replaced with agave for an even healthier option.

6. Apple pie
Apple pie is synonymous to comfort food. The apple pie filling should be cooked to cut back on the excess crust. Once all the centers of the apple have been scooped out, they are cooked and the
apple pie crust is refilled and coated with a few crust strips. What you have now is a real apple pie with better flavor and a solid crust. This is definitely one of the real pies I have tasted and was happy I had eaten a pie.


  1. I so agree, what we eat depends on the weather. For us, its basically soups, noodles and rice. Of course must be considered are these dishes you have shared.


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