The Vaishnava Paribhashai or the Vaishnavite Colloquialism emphasizes on specific terminologies while referring to food.  

Kariyamuthu -- A term to denote any cooked vegetable -- Kari == veggie; amuthu -- to denote that the dish is as tasty as elixir (not literally sweet, but more metamorphic)

I prepared this on a weekend as an accompaniment to Araichuvitta Sambhar. Click here for the recipe. 

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Preparation Time: 20                         Cooking Time: 10 mins              Cooking Level: Medium
Cuisine: South Indian                         Recipe Category: Side dish        Serves: 4
Source: MIL


15 small equal sized Egg plants ( Purple/White)


2 tbsp Coriander seeds
1 tbsp Gram dhal
8 red Chillies
1 tsp Poppy seeds (optional)
3 -4 flakes of compounded Asafoetida
1/4 tsp Fenugreek seeds
1 tbsp Desiccated Coconut
Salt to taste
1/4 tsp Sugar
1 tsp Oil 


50 ml of refined oil/ sesame oil
1 tsp Mustard seeds
1 tsp black gram/urad dhal
2 sprigs of Curry leaves

  • Dry roast all ingredients except Coconut, given under - "To Roast and Grind" heading - in 1 tsp of oil. 
  • Cool and grind to a coarse powder with Coconut, salt to taste and sugar. Set the Masala powder aside.
  • Slit Egg plants into 4 after removing the crown leaving the bottoms intact. Stuff  the masala powder into the egg plant and repeat the same until you are done. Reserve 1 tsp of Masala.
  • I have already posted a Stuffed Katharikkai Kuzhambu recipe in my space. It details on how to slice, stuff  and cook egg plants very clearly with pictures. Do check this post. Click here .
  • Heat oil in a flat pan preferably with a handle. Add mustard seeds. When they splutter, add urad dhal followed by curry leaves. Now gently drop the stuffed Egg plants one by one into the oil.
  • You can also tie a thread around each egg plant before dropping them into the oil. Just to ensure the spice powder is intact.
  • Hold the pan with the handle and gently roll the egg plants by moving the pan to and fro. This ensures uniform cooking without breaking the eggplants. 
  • Keep the flame low-medium and cook until egg plants are cooked evenly brown on all sides.
  • When done, sprinkle the remaining 1 tsp Masala powder onto the cooked egg plants. It absorbs the extra oil and gives a dry look. 
  • Serve hot with Rice, Sambhar or Rasam. 

  • Egg plants cook really fast. So, keep the flame low and slow cook for excellent results and an even coating, as shown in the pictures.
  • Once the egg plants are cooked, you can notice that the external skin would turn flaky and the inside would be soft. When you bite into it you will get a wonderful mouth feel of the crisp and coarse masala powder.
  • You need not add salt while cooking as the masala powder itself is salted.


  1. I am an eggplant lover, love this dish to the core. love to see you at my space sometimes.

  2. looks delicious thou m not a fan of egg plants..

  3. This is my all time favourite...in Andhra it's a very famous dish..Loved it:)
    Hope to see you soon in my space:)

    1. Yup, I am aware about Vankaaya specialties in Andhra as I ve spent considerable years in Hyderabad. Thanks for stopping by Padma. Will visit you soon.

  4. just loving it.. can u send me some...

  5. wow..love to have with steamed rice dear..looks delicious :)

  6. Just tried and had a heavy meal along with it ...Tnx for sharing.


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