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As busy as we get, we all need to be reminded that we all are "Sweethearts". We are fascinated by love, hurt by love, in search of love, moved by love, filled with love, angered by love and in need of love.  However, considering these facts the greatest thing that humanity universally longs for is LOVE

 I believe that this "Edible Valentine" - A romantic mixture of  Erotic Strawberries and Seductive Raspberries  would be a fitting V-Day recipe.

Why Strawberries and Raspberries ?

Well, I consider Strawberries to be the Perfect Red Hearts and is the symbol of the Roman Goddess Venus ( the Goddess of Love).

Besides this, it is thoroughly nutritious and offers a wide range of health benefits that will surprise you.

Strawberries are eaten for many reasons such as Healthy intestines, liver disorders, jaundice, pain and swelling, gout, arthritis, nervous tension, odema, kidney ailments, stones, fever and anemia.

Raspberries are powerful Cancer fighting agents and helpful in preventing Micro nutrient deficiencies. It is also believed that Raspberry juice can induce natural labour in expectant mothers. The juice of both the berries possess strong Antioxidant properties and they are bonafide super food.

And top of all this, the lovely colour that these berries impart to the recipe is quite a sight. 
The recipe source is from my husband Srivatsan. This used to be the most sought after recipe among his friends during his bachelor days in London. When I decided to do a Valentine post, he is the one who suggested this recipe. Thank you Sri!

The procedure is very simple and is just a 3 step process. Believe it or not, it is so very easy to prepare and you will be pleased to look at the love affair you created. With this note, let me share with you this Lovely dessert recipe - "The Pink Berry Duo". 

Preparation time : 10 mins    
Refrigeration time : Overnight      
Serves :  It is a Duo, so serves 2


  • 3 King Strawberries or a fistful
  • 2 Fistful fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 200 ml Cooking cream
  • 2 tbsp Heavy Cream
  • 3 tbsp of sugar
  • Wash and roughly cut the Strawberries lengthwise or into small cubes. Wash the raspberries well. If the size is bigger then you may chop it. Collect them in separate bowls.  
  • Mix 200 ml of cooking cream and 2 tbsp of heavy cream with 3 tbsp sugar and use a spoon to blend well. Divide them into two halves. 
  • Add one half of the mixture to the chopped strawberries and the second half to the raspberries and you are done. Refrigerate the bowls overnight. This is the most important step as the very essence of the dessert is to allow the Fruit flavours and pigments ( Anthocyanins) to seep into the sugared cream. 
  • Serve the dessert by layering the Fruit cum Cream clot( Strawberry first and top it with the raspberry clot  - See ) in transparent glass cups topped with fresh strawberries and raspberries. 

  • If you have decided to say Love tomorrow, then say it to your Valentine with this Pink Berry Duo.
  • Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day. 
  • The berries I bought were sufficiently sweet so I added less sugar. Increase the sugar quantity if your berries are a bit sour
  • Strawberries give a light pink shade to the cream clot and the raspberries give a deeper shade. it may be even deeper if you buy black raspberries.  
  • You can even serve the Fruit cream separately without coupling it in the same dish.


  1. healthy, refreshing drink. First time here. Nice space. Do visit mine if you find time.

    1. Thanks for visiting. Do try it you ll like it. It is thicker than a drink. Happy Valentine s Day

    2. I am unable to find your blog space. Can you please send me the link?

    3. Thanks for replying back. Here's my link

    4. My pleasure Lisha. I visited your spac. Good effort and you have a nice recipe collection. Keep in touch.

  2. Perfect for the occation . Lovely capture.. looks extrmely delish..and love te bright colour.

  3. Hi Sowmya!Thanks for your wishes :).You have a lovely blog and the pics are great! Lovely dessert!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Padmajha. Nice knowing you and happy cooking.

  4. Sowmya, This is such a perfect valentine dessert. I also make simple dishes like this for Valentine's day, I would rather spend time with my family than make an elaborate dish and slog in the kitchen on Valentine's day. - Sreelatha

  5. Very interesting Sowmya :) Some thing really new to me .


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