Fruits are natures gift to humans. Organizations like WHO/ FDA and ICMR always recommend one serving of fruit a day.So i suggest you all do the same. Besides the fact that Fruits hydrate the skin and taste good they are powerful sources of Antioxidants(most Vitamins and Minerals) and also good sources of Fructose,Fiber and Water. Though the  best way to consume fruits is to eat it whole there are other options too to convert it to a an appealing dessert, pie or an ice-cream.

I have been a lover of fruits from childhood ( Thanks to my Parents for inculcating the habit). I am happy to get lost in the memory of childhood days and teens when my Father, myself and my cousins who visited us would indulge in a fruit eating spree. My Dad used to buy so much of Fruits in bulk and i suppose he was the only person who had an account in a local fruit shop  as suggested by the shopkeeper. Heeeeeeeee!!Now that's for the flashback. My husband and In laws too happen to be fruit lovers. That gives me more opportunities to try recipes with Fruits.I learnt this Quick Fruit Custard from Rama Chithi( My Aunt)when i visited them in Singapore in 2009. 

However my Husband did not seem to show much interest when i said I wanted to prepare the usual Setting or Pouring Custard using the Custard Powder. But when i tried this he liked it a lot and asks me to prepare it frequently.I am posting the pictures of the Custard that I prepared few months back as I have not prepared this for quite sometime and do not have any recent clicks. So not much detail. But I am sure you ll like it.Its tasty and filling too.    

       Condensed Milk  -   1 tin (Full Cream Sweetened)
       Honey           -   1 Tablespoon
       Vanilla Essence -   A few drops (Optional)

         Bananas       -   3 ( Dole or Del'' Monte or Green)
         Apples        -   2 ( Red Delicious)
         Grapes        -   A bunch ( Red Globe)
         Mango         -   2 ( Banganapally variety)
         Pomegranate   -   1 Big ( Red variety)
         Pappaya       -   Half of a small fruit
         DRY FRUITS and NUTS:
         Cashew nuts   -  10 to 12  chopped
         Almonds       -  10 to 12  chopped
         Walnuts       -  8  to 10  chopped
         Sultanas      -  A handful chopped
     Dried Cranberries -  A handful chopped
         Dates         -  5 to 6    chopped
  1. Refrigerate condensed milk all the fruits excluding the bananas for an hour before preparation.
  2. Chop the nuts and keep aside the mentioned quantities of dry fruits.
  3. In a big mixing bowl pour the entire content of the refrigerated condensed milk tin.Use a flat spoon or spatula to remove any remains sticking to the wall of the tin. Do not pour water. 
  4. Chop the refrigerated fruits one by one starting from.Keep the Bananas and Apple last as they brown quickly. Its best to chop fruits always close to the serving time as it conserves the nutrients. You can rub lemon juice on the knife blade to prevent browning.Heap the fruits in a plate and drain any juice that has oozed out from fruits. Otherwise the custard will become watery.
  5. Now quickly transfer the fruits to the condensed milk. Add honey and vanilla essence and gently stir. It will be thick.
  6. Transfer it to serving bowls and top it with the nuts just before serving. Play your favourite song, relax and enjoy the sweet treat. 
  • You can include any other fruit of your choice. But its best to add pulpy fruits than the juicy ones. Juicy ones tend to ooze out  water. Add Nata de'coco if you like.
  • Do not refrigerate the custard even for a day. The fruit and milk sugar tend to ferment slightly and will cause inflammation in your mouth roof. 
  • Add the nuts just before serving otherwise it becomes too soft. Vanilla Essence is optional. You can exclude it if you like the fruity flavour. 



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