Flattened Rice/ Aval/ Poha is a convenience food. It is a rice by product and is prepared by flattening the rice husks. Aval is incorporated into various dishes and consumed across India by different communities. It is used in the preparation of sweets and savouries and light snacks. It tastes good even when eaten raw. The low sodium content of Aval makes it a good therapeutic food  for  hypertensive patients as it lowers blood pressure.You can prepare dishes using Aval in no time even when you get short notice from your guests. I learnt this quick recipe from my MIL.  It is an ideal Breakfast or Evening Tiffin and is quite filing too. 

                          Flattened Rice/ Aval/ Poha                 -  400 gms
                          Big Onions                                         -  2 Nos
                          Capsicum                                           -  2 Medium Sized
                          Carrots                                               -  1 Big ( Peeled and Grated )
                          Beans                                                 -  10 Nos
                          Mustard                                              -  1 tsp
                          Cumin Seeds                                       -  1 tsp 
                          Cinnamon                                            -  1 inch bark
                          Cardamom                                          -   seeds of 1 to 2
                          Cloves                                                -   2 to 3
                          Powdered Aniseed                              - 1/2 tsp                                     
                          Green Chillies                                      -   4 to 5 
                          Ginger Garlic Paste                              -   1 tbp ( 2 flakes of garlic and 1/2 inch of ginger)
                          Turmeric Powder                                 -   1 tsp
                          Garam Masala Powder                        -   1 tsp
                          Coriander Leaves                                -   To garnish
                          Curry Leaves                                       -   To Taste
                          Ghee                                                    -   1 tsp
                          Oil                                                       -    5 tbsp
                          Salt                                                      -    To Taste
                          Sugar                                                   -    1 tsp

1. Wash and soak the  Aval/ Poha for 10 minutes. Drain the water and keep it aside. It almost triples in size. Do not soak it for too long as the flakes become mushy and breaks. I used the soft and flaky variety. 

2.  Meanwhile chop Onions, Beans , Capsicum finely. Slit the green chillies length wise or chop it if you like it that way. Also chop the curry leaves and coriander leaves.

3. Prepare Ginger- Garlic paste by just adding a few drops of water. You ll get a tablespoon of paste.

4. Heat Oil and 1 tsp of Ghee in a Kadai/ Non stick pan and splutter the mustard, cumin seeds followed by cinnamon, cardamom seeds, cloves, green chillies and  curry leaves.

5. Add the chopped Onions and Ginger- Garlic paste to this mixture and cook till the raw flavour leaves and the onions turn golden brown. Now add the beans , grated carrot and capsicum. Add turmeric powder,1 tsp of sugar and salt to taste. Add the Garam Masala powder and Aniseed powder and saute till the vegetable mixture gets coated well. If you want it more spicy you can also add 1 tsp of red chilli powder. Close the Kadai/ Pan with a lid and  cook for 5 mins simmered. 

6. Once you remove the lid the steam that leaves the vessel smells wonderful. Now add the soaked Aval/ Poha little by little and toss the pan so that it gets mixed well with the vegetable mixture. Keep it closed for a minute further, switch off and remove from the stove and garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot. 

  • If the Aval variety is soft and flaky then the soaking time is 10 mins.
  • If it is thick then soak it in water just sufficient enough to immerse it and leave it for about 20 to 25 minutes. If you add the right quantity of water you need not drain excess water. Check this by just tossing the Poha in the soaked bowl.



  1. I like Khande pohe which is somewhat similar and uses potatoes and onion..This looks yummm Sowmya..would love to try one day.

  2. Thanks for the support and encouragement Suhaina.

  3. Thanks for the support and encouragement Suhaina.


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