Indian Snacks or Savouries are delicious and are liked by all.  OMA PODI is no exception.You can find this recipe being a part of any festival menu. It can be prepared in a short time and is ideal munch upon with some Tea or Coffee.  My MIL taught me this recipe and all of us simply love this. Trust me... Once you start, you can't stop eating until its finished. Try this snack for Deepavali and ad more variety to your menu.

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Preparation Time : 15 mins               Cooking time: 15 mins            Cooking Level : Easy
Recipe Category: Snack                     Cuisine: Indian                        Source: MIL

     3 Cups Rice Flour                           
     3 CupsBesan/ Bengal Gram Flour     
     2 Table Spoons Ajwain/ Omam                         
     Compounded Asafoetida to taste
     2 Teaspoons Red Chilli Powder                    
     Salt to taste
     1 Teaspoon  Butter                                  
     Oil for frying

  • Powder together Compounded Asafoetida, Ajwain/ Omam, Chilli Powder in a mixer and sieve and keep it aside. This prevents the Oma Podi dough from clogging while pressing. I always use Compounded Asafoetida while cooking Sambhar, Rasam and other savouries. This gives wonderful flavour to the food and keeps it aromatic for a long time.
  • Heat Oil in a Kadai and then start mixing the dough. Keep it simmered till you start.
  • In a round bowl mix Rice Flour, Besan and 1 tsp of Butter well. 
  • Then add salt, chilli powder and the powdered Ajwain - Asafoetida to the flour mixture and mix well.   Add water little by little and gently knead this to a smooth dough with the fingers. Ensure not to knock the  dough too much nor to make it too pasty. The dough is now ready for frying.
  • Fix the Oma Podi press in the Murukku Mould. Pull out a handful of the dough and gently insert into the mould. Now increase the flame to medium force and press the mould gently to make two circles without stopping. This gives you a wheel of OMA PODI. 
  • Gently flip the wheel in the oil for the other side to cook. Once it turns golden, drain it with a flat  big spoon and transfer to paper towels kept beside you .Repeat the same process till the dough is finished. Cool it completely and transfer to an airtight container.
  • The entire process for one number takes about 3 to 4 minutes. So all of it should be done within half an hour. The preparation time is 15 min.

  • Do not add too much butter than the quantity mentioned. It spoils the quality and crispness
  • Use tongs to pull out and make small balls out of compounded asafoetida. Spread it on a stainless steel plate and dry till the moisture evaporates from the resin and store in an airtight jar. It comes handy while cooking. 
  • Do not allow the dough to rest for a long time  as it ferments and changes the taste and consistency. 


  1. i too make this quite often since my hubbs love this a lot.. nice clicks dear..the editing is also quite good. I will teach u more when u come home.

  2. Hi Sowmya,
    I do this often to munch on in the tea time. Though I add lil more of besan than rice flour for its protein content. Loved yours too. Keep it going.


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