Happy New Year everybody. This is an event announcement for the popular MLLA series for year 2018. -"My Legume Love Affair- 115

The Marathon was initiated by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook . It is now hosted by Lisa Turner of Lisa's Kitchen . I am glad to be hosting this event again as an opening for year 2018. Let me take this occasion to wish the MLLA team good luck and I am wishful that this Culinary Marathon continues for years to come. 
All bloggers and non-bloggers who may be interested to participate are most welcome. For those who are totally new to the concept, check out the guidelines for participation and all that you would like to know about the past, present and future of MLLA, till date - Click here
 Scroll down below till the end of the post to access the links of all the events and  round ups conducted so far.
  1. The event is open for entries the whole of January 2018 starting from  the 1st of this month and closes on the 31st. 
  2. Cook a dish with Legume as the principal ingredient. You can also use byproducts of Legumes like Green gram powder/ Gram flour ( Besan), Tofu etc.
  3. Entries must be strictly vegetarian. However, the event guidelines specify that use of egg and dairy is allowed. That said, I would appreciate if you could submit Egg free recipes. also. But you can still use Dairy as a component but just ensure that the legume stands out.
  4. Strictly only one entry per participant and you are allowed and link only new posts. All extra entries will be deleted. No archived posts please. However, if you re-post your recipe as a fresh post for this month, then Yes you can link it.
  5. Link your recipe to my event announcement page, My Legume Love Affair 115 and to Susan's page (the original creator of MLLA) and to Lisa's page 
  6. Use of the logo above is not mandatory but much appreciated. It helps to spread a good word. Right click on the image to download and use it in your post before linking it to my page.
  7. Lastly, use the linky tool given below  to link your recipe.      <!-- start LinkyTools script -->
    <script src="https://www.linkytools.com/thumbnail_linky_include.aspx?id=283654"
    <!-- end LinkyTools script -->
  8. Non-bloggers are most welcome to participate and I am looking forward to more such enthusiasts. Please email your recipe with a picture of the cooked dish to 'tuma79@gmail.com'. Send me your own original pictures and kindly do not download it from the internet.  
Simple rules recipe..... So, get ready to rock. 
Good luck and a Happy New Year again folks. 


  1. Good to know you are from Coimbatore. We share the same state.. Linked my recipe.. Happy hosting..


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