Laddus to me are a perfect choice for Deepavali celebrations and also for a give away gift during festive occasions. As I am successfully completing the 2nd year of my blogging this Deepavali, nothing could be fitting enough except this grand sweet for a Double Dhamaka celebration. 

I take this opportunity to thank all my Readers, Family and Friends for their constant support, encouragement, inputs & ideas and their constructive criticism that has helped me shape my cooking space. Thank you very much. 
There are only two Laddu experts I have come across so far in life. The first person whom I know since my birth is my Maternal grandmother Radha Paati. I love the Laddus she used to make for us during Deepavali among all the 20 odd number of sweet and savoury that she prepared elaborately. Fortunately or unfortunately I have never created an opportunity to learn how to make Laddus from Paati. All that me and cousins used to look forward was to eat all the delicacies prepared by her and enjoy the festive occasion. 
The second Laddu expert is my Mother In Law. They make the best Laddus and they have never ever failed in a single attempt in making Laddus. So perfect and consistent. I consider myself lucky to have been raised by people who were wonderful cooks and also happy being married into a family where the same tradition and interests continue. 

This Laddu making session was a real hands on experience for me and the best sweet making session that I have come across so far. I am sure that my Grandmother,family members and friends would be happy to know about my progress in cooking. I have tried my level best to explain the recipe step wise and also managed to include a video tutorial. Hope you will all benefit out of this. 
Wish you all a very Happy Deepavali. May the festival of lights bring joy and happiness in everyone's home.
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Preparation Time: 15 mins                        
Cooking Time : 1 hr             
Cooking Level:  Medium 
Spice Level : Sweet                                      
Cuisine: Indian                      
Yield : 50 golf ball size     
Recipe Source: MIL
  • 3 heaped cups Gram Flour/ Chickpea Flour/ Besan
  • 3 heaped cups Coarse Granulated Sugar ( Refer notes)
  • 2 tsp Rice flour
  • 15 Cardamoms + 1 tsp sugar+ 1/2 tsp raw rice powdered 
  • 15 to 20 Cloves
  • Generous pinches of Saffron strands soaked in 3 tbsp of milk
  • 20 Cashew nuts halved
  • 1 fistful of Raisins
  • 10 ml Ghee 
  • Oil for frying 
  • Few drops Orange/ Yellow food colour/ natural food colouring

  • Perforated Laddle / Traditional Laddu Maker for Boondi
  • (Jarani/ Jalli Karandi / ஜாரணி / ஜல்லி  கரண்டி )
  • Round spoon for spreading the Boondi batter
  • Round bottomed vessel to hold the sugar syrup and boondi
  • Trays/ Plates for assembling the Laddus
Step 1
  • Powder the whole Cardamom seeds with 1 tsp of sugar and 1/2 tsp rice. Set aside the cloves.Soak the saffron strands in 3 tbsp milk and set aside.
  • Halve the Cashew nuts and keep the raisins ready for frying.
  • Prepare sugar syrup in a thick bottomed vessel by adding just sufficient water to soak the sugar. The sugar melts and passes on different stages on heat application.
  • We are actually looking for a firm single string consistency which forms white snowy/ flaky deposits on the sides of the container.
  • Switch off the stove and transfer the syrup into the round bottomed vessel.
  • To this syrup add the saffron+ milk , cardamom powder and food colour and mix well as shown in the picture.
  • You can see the sugar flakes peeling off the laddle in Picture No 12.
Step 2
  • Keep the sugar syrup next to where you are going to prepare the Boondi.
  • Heat ghee in a Kadai and fry the cahew nuts, raisins and cloves and add it to the sugar syrup.
  • Add 2 tsps of Rice flour to the measured Gram flour and mix well. Divide this flour mix into two batches.
  • Make a thick batter without lumps with the first batch with water.The consistency should be close to Dosa batter.
  • Heat oil in a Kadai. Hold the perforated laddle on top of the heated oil surface.
  • Pour a laddle full of batter on the top and swirl the batter with another round spoon. Drops of  batter will fall into the oil. Tap the top of the spoon in circular motion to ensure the entire lot has fallen into the oil.
  • Drain half cooked. It should not be crisp. Keep transferring the Boondi into the prepared sugar syrup. Repeat until all the batter is exhausted. 
  • Complete the process with the second batch of flour and add all the Boondi into the sugar syrup. 
Step 3 ( Also refer video below)
  • Let the Boondi soak in the syrup for 10 minutes.By this time it should have absorbed all of the syrup to form a sticky mass and ready to be shaped into Laddus.
  • Sit down comfortably on the floor and keep a tray or plate ready next to you.
  • Take a small lot of the sweet mass say the size of a golf ball and start compressing it while still warm. Use the lower end of the other palm to simultaneously work on the small ball to get a perfect round shape as shown in Picture No 29.
  • Repeat the same process until all the Boondi are shaped into Laddu.
  • Allow the Laddus to cool completely. You can then notice the sugar bloom all over the Laddus. 
  • Store it in an airtight container. 

How to make Boondi for Laddu preparation - A video tutorial
How to shape Laddus- A video tutorial
  • The Boondi batter should be prepared in two batches else it will ferment and will not give the desired results.
  • Always hold the perforated laddle 4 to 5 inches above the oil surface. This is done to get exact pearl shaped Boondis. Do not exceed this level.
  • Always remember to drain the Boondi half cooked.
  • The sugar that I used was coarse and the granules were large. If the sugar crystal size you use is slightly smaller, then use 31/2 cups for making the syrup 
  • The syrup should be sufficient enough to soak all the Boondi you prepare ie exactly proportional. You ll get it right.
  • Always shape the Laddus when still warm. Applying the right pressure and using both the palms to work is important to get a firm Laddu. If not, it disintegrates.
  • Some prefer adding small crystal sugar to the Boondi mixture. Do so if you like it.  


  1. My fav and it tasted just awesome. I have done 650 ladoo on a day for a marriage. If I saw this post I would have only refered here becoz this recipe of urs is the ultimate one I have tasted.

  2. My fav and it tasted just awesome. I have done 650 ladoo on a day for a marriage. If I saw this post I would have only refered here becoz this recipe of urs is the ultimate one I have tasted.

  3. Wow laddus looks perfect ..Fantastic captures too

  4. Thank you Suhaina. I am very glad that you liked it. All credit goes to my MIL. She is a real Laddu expert. I am fortunate to have her as my Guru now.

  5. wow..this looks perfectly made and neatly explained,Soumya..yummy!!!

  6. ladoo looks yummy....if time permits visit my space...


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