Krishnavatar is considered the most glorious among all the ten Avatars of Shri Maha Vishnu and his birthday is celebrated all over India as Krishna Jayanthi/ Janmashtami/ Gokulashtami. Most of them observe the festival on the Ashtami Thithi based on Lunar Calendar but some temples and certain group of people celebrate on the day Rohini Nakshatra falls on the Solar Calendar. People rejoice the arrival of Baby Krishna by drawing small pairs of feet with rice paste on the floor and also by performing Poojas and offering an array of sweets and savouries that are his favourite . 

Krishna Jayanthi was one of my favourite childhood festivals. I used to watch my Mother in awe when she used to draw tiny feet on the floor with ease ( I took over this duty when I grew up!!). What surprised me even more was her untiring effort in preparing a range of Sweets and Savouries ( roughly around 20 in number ) that she would begin much ahead of time and finish it all in one go. She has been my first inspiration in cooking. And now, it is my MIL who is my constant inspirer. Being a religious woman, she takes care that every small detail in a Pooja is attended to and performed dutifully. 

I would be celebrating Krishna Jayanthi with her in India this time and I am all excited about it. I have given the links for few recipes that you can all prepare for the occasion. Happy Krishna Jayanthi to all!!!

Click on the descriptions given below each photo to read the recipe.....
                              Gokulashtami Special - Vella Seedai


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