Hi everybody. I took a break for a while and I am back with a super easy recipe that can be fixed within 5 minutes... The name is Grilled Cheese Sandwich which is a popular American breakfast recipe.

Now Grilled Cheese Sandwich does not technically need a grill to be cooked  as the name suggests. All that it requires is a Non stick girdle for cooking, any bread and cheese of your choice and some butter and Tada!  You are done with even in your busiest mornings. Now without much add on's I move on to the recipe. 


Preparation time: 2 mins                          Cooking time : 3 mins

Any Bread .................................. 2  Slices ( Home baked or Store bought)
Grated Cheese/ Cheese Slice ........ 2 tbsp/ 1 slice( Any variety)
Butter at room temperature

  • Take two slices of preferably thin bread slices and butter the surfaces.

  • Place a Non stick girdle on the stove top and place the bread slices one next to the other. Place the grated cheese/ cheese slice on top of another bread slice and cook initially for 2 minutes. This kick starts the cheese melting process.

  • Gently lift the slice placed on the right side as shown in the picture, to check if the surface has turned golden brown. This is very important as you would not want to eat charred bread. Remember to keep the flame low so that you get a crisp and golden brown crust.
  • When done, place this over the cheesed slice and flip and cook both the sides by gently pressing the sandwich with the laddle. This helps the cheese to melt t is the way the cheese is meant to be.
  • Switch off the stove and use your laddle's tip to diagonally cut the sandwich placed on the stove top. You can see the  gooey cheese slightly oozing out the sides of the cut surface. 
  • Serve immediately with any sauce or dip and enjoy.


  • Grilled Cheese tastes good with any dip or sauce. My choice is always Tomato sauce.
  • If you do not like it plain, then you can add vegetables of your choice.
  • Sprinkle some pepper powder if you wish to


  1. super tempting sandwich. Kids will love this for sure

    1. Thank you Jayashree. That reminds me to also add another label.

  2. Have some wafers or french fries along with s/w it tastes great.

    1. Thanks for visiting my space and thanks for the suggestion Balaji

  3. this is such a simple and quick snack..i love the cute Penguins in the photo..

    1. Thanks Suhaina dear. Those Penguins are Sri's selection

  4. Sowmy, so good to see your post after a long gap! Love, love cheese sandwiches!


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