Mango Basundi is an improvised version of our ever loved Basundi. When summer is in full swing and Mangoes are at its best (Alphonso, Banganapalli or any variety that you prefer) take some time off to make this dessert ahead and indulge. This mango-milk combo is not easy to pass on !!


I am back with a sweet recipe after a hiatus. And, this is one among my childhood favorites. I had this first at a restaurant in Hyderabad and can still recall the tasting experience - Nostalgic. Originating from the Gujarat state, this delicacy is prepared by boiling and condensing full fat (!) milk on a medium flame for a long time to get a thick sludge of milk and milk solids (layers of thickened cream floating amidst milk). The milk sludge is sugared, flavoured with cardamom and topped with Chirongi nuts (Saarai paruppu in Tamizh). The nuts are sometimes replaced with a mixture of chopped cashews, almonds and sometimes pistachios.

The highlight or rather, the signature of this dish is the layered cream. Toppings, in general, as you wish, if you like (or go :) nuts .



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