THE MOST DELISH HEALTHY COMFORT FOODS - Guest post by Best Pressure Cooker Reviews

Hi there readers. There is a guest again to share my space and this time it is on healthy eating options. I sincerely thank Best Pressure cooker Reviews for taking this initiative to share my space.. Much appreciated. Read on now please. 

Sometimes our eating habits are heavily dependent on the weather patterns because of the need to stay warm or cool at all times. It is not surprising therefore when you decide to throw away the hot ingredients and replace them with some warm but healthy subs. We have compiled a comprehensive list of some the most delish healthy comfort foods.

KEERAI KARIYAMUTHU- Learn how to make South Indian style Amaranth Stir fry

Back to healthy cooking again. I have already posted a few recipes in the past where I had focused on conventional cooking utensils . This one is a follow through. The Mud pot shown in the picture is one among those healthy utensils that I use frequently for making Sambhars, Rasams and Masiyals. Today's recipe is a dry curry. I always prefer an iron pan or Kadai for preparing iron rich foods as it contributes added iron. Nevertheless, mud/clay utensils are equally good . 

Amaranth Leaves @ Mulaikkeerai is the most popularly consumed greens in India and countries of South East Asian origin. The common are stir fried or the Dhal based (Masiyal/ Saag) varieties or finds its use in soups in South East Asian cuisines. These recipes vary slightly from region to region. Since most of the green leafy vegetables are rich or good sources of Iron and other micro-nutrients (*antioxidants), these qualify to become powerful protective foods. 


The heat in Singapore is getting intense and so it is around the globe. Heard about the ensuing heatwave in South India.

You can see Summer recipes screaming all over the print and social media. Most of them are Mangoes though. Thanks to all those one and 2-minute food videos that go viral within seconds to amplify food cravings. As a result...... give in and make some chill thrills to treat yourselves, family members and friends. Let us admit that it is difficult to play the health freak all the time. Indulgence is part of being human. Agree? Agreed.  


One lazy afternoon, this recipe was born. This is an improvised version my mom's  Signature Cashewnut burfi. Recipe here. I made a healthy mix of the most sought after Indian nuts - Cashew, Pista and Badam, infused our good old cardamom, saffron and nutmeg and cooked with sugar that resulted in a rich, royal and fudgy delight. This recipe is also a healthier way to have nuts. My toddler absolutely loved this fudge and needless to say, is kid approved. I have said it all. Lets get to the recipe straight away.

JIGARTHANDA - A simple yet exotic South Indian Sundae-Learn how to make Madurai Special Jil Jil Jigarthanda - In 2 ways -Step wise recipe

Jigarthanda is a popular Summer street food from Madurai. Believed to have its roots inspired by the Mughal cuisine during their reign in South, it was predominantly consumed during their wedding ceremonies. The principal ingredient being Almond gum/ Badam Pisin (resin from the almond tree) and sweetened reduced milk ( Basundi) was offered to newly weds for its aphrodisiac properties and calming and cooling effects. Occasionally,  Almond gum is replaced by agar-agar or china grass.

Jigarthanda literally means JigarCourageous Heart  and thanda(danda) implies staff or a scepter but in this context is Cool or Cold-hearted and it can easily pass as a sister counterpart to the North Indian Falooda. Apparently, this recipe is also mentioned in Ain-i-Akbari and gives us a probable conclusion that the recipe originated from the Mughals. You can read more here and here.



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