Oh ! Its too hot and I cant think of anything better than eating ice creams. A medley of fresh strawberries, whipping cream and condensed milk, set for couple of hours to infuse flavours. Do I need to tell more? The picture below  pretty much says it all. These Creamsicles are easy to make and comes together in no time. You can use any berry of your choice. The source for this recipe is from my own archives - Pink Berry Duo

SUKHDI - A quick and fudgy Wheat Delight

Sukhdi aka Gurpapdi, a delicacy from Gujarat state is made of Wheat flour, jaggery and ghee. It is served on festive occasion and during weddings. This recipe was totally new to me and what impressed me is a promising delight with very minimal ingredients and and an even lesser preparation time. Precisely, Simple and Straightforward. The recipe source is from Sapana Bhel. Thank you Sapana. 

CHIKOO AND BANANA POPS - Slurp on these all natural sugar pops and keep the summer heat at bay. Vegan option included

One can always relate Summer to holidays, fun and of course cold refreshments. With the increase in humidity and heat, a cool drink , some freshly cut fruit, tender coconut water or ice cream will keep our body and soul cool. Ice cream definitely supplies our body with some good dose of Calcium and Phosphorous and it makes us happy. That said, let us also agree upon the fact that can not always be a healthy option considering the sugar load. So, the need for developing guilt free desserts is the need of the hour.


Why I love Cauliflower? Well, the reason being its unique shape and the way it vibes well with ingredients. If you sit and think, you can make loads of recipes with one big head. I love gazing at these white beauties cozily wrapped within green leaves and I equally love the individual florets when separated.. With numerous health benefits intact, consuming a good serving of florets roughly 100 gm will supply a day's requirement of Vitamin K, Protein, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Manganese.


'Halwa's of different kinds are so much home to Indian cuisine. Of veggies, Carrot Halwa is highly common. I have earlier posted this hereBeet roots are a favourite ones at my home. Apart from typical beet root poriyal, raithas and beet root rice are really appetizing. Somehow, I tend to exploit beets to their full capacity of being flexible for any recipe.

Read here:
Beetroot Raitha 
Beetroot Ginger Juice

AGATHI KEERAI PONGAL / AUGUST TREE LEAVES PONGAL - Dwadasi Special- Learn how to make Agathi Keerai Pongal - 2 versions included

Agathi Keerai known as August tree leaves or Humming bird tree leaves in English, Avisi in Telugu, Agathi in Malayalam and Agasthi in Hindi, has numerous health benefits. As a practice, people consume  the cooked leaves on Dwadasi day after observing total fast for Ekadasi. It helps to remove toxins from the body but has to be consumed sparingly. Ayurvedic scriptures recommend consuming  Agathi twice a month. 

AALU TIKKI - Spicy to munch and best Coffee & Tea companions!

Its been quite sometime since I shot pictures using my DSLR. I just find out reasons like low battery charge or its just sheer laziness for not using a heavy object. I should admit that I missed my point and shoot camera that I have been taking food pictures with it for a while now. But this time, I compelled myself to do a little experimental photography and shot pictures using a Samsung Mobile phone ( Courtesy - FIL). Neither the snack nor the photo shoot was planned,. But when I transferred the pictures, I was quite satisfied with the results. Not bad at all!



Today I am presenting an Tam Brahm Iyengar special recipe : Kadambha Saadham it is. This recipe is almost close to Sambhar Saadham  and mo...