CARROT KHEER - Simple & Soulful - All in one method

The term Kheer or Payasam technically refers to sweetened rice and milk pudding. It is prepared and consumed across the Indian sub continent. The origin of Kheer dates back to centuries and it is a surprising factor that many Ayurveda scriptures mention about using Kheer as a stomach coolant. The commonly used sweetening agent is sugar or jaggery, while jaggery has been in use since the olden era when sugar was still an unknown component then. 

PESARATTU - Learn how to make Andhra style Green gram crepes

Green bean or Mung can be called a Super bean as it has numerous health benefits. The factors that qualify it as a healthy food is that it is low in Fat and Calories and high in Protein and Fiber giving it high satiety value and low GI thus enabling slow release of carbs/ sugar into the blood stream. 

ORANGE PULAV / ORANGE RICE /ORANGE PILAF - Guest post by Vidya Srinivasan

My next guest on Adhithi Devo Bhava series is Vidya from Traditionally Modern Food. Our friendship began very casually on Facebook and we have been chatting for a while now. She is a cool and pleasant person with lots of interest in cooking and learning new things. The connection became deeper when we came to know that our kids share something in common. Vidya will share that bit with you. The agreed to guest post for me and was so sweet to send me options to choose from. I was so impressed with her Orange Pulav recipe and here it is for you.  Do browse through her space for some wide range of options from simple meals to extravagant dishes. Thank you Vidya for being here and I wish you many more successful years of blogging.

TOMATO THOKKU / SOUTH INDIAN STYLE TOMATO PRESERVE - Hassle-free 2 step recipe - No Onion/No Garlic

Tomato Thokku - A South Indian style Tomato preserve is a facile and frequently prepared dish in our kitchen. Too many tomatoes lying around ripening? Not to worry about wastage.  There are N - number of products that you can make out of it and this preserve is one such painless option.

VEGETABLE MASALA SANDWICH - Breakfast on the go - Step wise recipe

"Bread is the staple food of the world". I know none who would disagree this statement. It is one of the oldest prepared food with a long history that can be traced to European origin. Fast to cook, good to eat and the most comforting to-go food for busy mornings, sudden cravings and as a casual snack anytime.


Curry leaves are a highly valued seasoning in Indian cuisine and finds place almost in day to day cooking. It has numerous health benefits - as a hypoglycemic agent, a liver cleanser, protects heart against diseases, accelerates hair growth and delays graying. Its a good source of Folic acid. 

It is a pity that many of us set this aside in our meals thinking its only flavour. Benefits go to those who munch them !! :) 

I strongly recommend this powder as a part of everyday meal, should the taste of just the raw leaves are not your choice. 



Today I am presenting an Tam Brahm Iyengar special recipe : Kadambha Saadham it is. This recipe is almost close to Sambhar Saadham  and mo...