CHENA PUZHUKKU - Kerala style stir fried Yam, seasoned with Coconut and spices

I am an absolute lover of Kerala food, their life style, culture and have a big bunch of best buddies from the literate state. Needless to say, I have a strong connect with God's own country and its people. Kerala, popularly known as the " Land of Spices" has many vegetarian delicacies to offer. The use of Coconut and its oil in abundance imparts a distinct flavour and taste to the food that is so very   unique to this state. Coupled with pepper, cumin and other spices like cinnamon, clove, cardamom, garlic, asafoetida and red chilies add more zest to Kerala cuisine. Click here to know more on Kerala cuisine.

PINACOLADA OVERNIGHT OATS - Early breakfast for the Early birds !

Its Monday tomorrow and a whole week is ahead of you. I am aware many of you would have "Monday Morning blues". I have had it too in the past. How do we combat it? Well, I  have a simple solution. When your tummy is full, your mind is calm. Having a good breakfast can keep you charged and  helps you to take off well for a whole week's performance. So, get prepared for a healthy breakfast tomorrow and wake up to a healthy Monday Morning .

As promised, I am here with another quick breakfast Overnight Oats idea. This time its a Vegan delight. The pictures says it all. For those who missed my previous post, click here to see my  Fruit and Nut Overnight Oats recipe. I have spoken enough about Rolled Oats and why you should try this recipe. Please read through. You can then come back here for Version 2. Run through the notes below for some tips on other combinations that you can try. The layers are not very pretty as the Pineapple juice ran through down. But trust me, the taste was great. 

Preparation time: 1 min
Refrigeration time: Overnight
Cuisine: World
Cooking level: Very easy
Category: Breakfast
Serves: Single Serving


  •  2 tbsp heaped Rolled Oats + 1/2 tbsp
  • 3/4th cup Coconut Milk ( I used the reduced fat version)
  • 1  1/2 tsp raw sugar ( Optional)
  • 2 slices of Pineapple 
  • 4 -5 Walnuts 
  • 1 tbsp desiccated coconut 

  • Get hold of a Mason jar or any glass jar. Put the Oats into it and pour the  coconut milk, sugar and coconut flakes into it. Mix well and refrigerate it overnight for the oats to soak.
  • Take it out the next morning. Take another glass. Chop 1 slice of  pineapple into bite sized chunks and add it to the glass followed by little oats mixture.
  • Juice the other slice of pineapple and pour it on top of oats layer.
  • Layer the remaining oats and continue the same process. Top up with chopped walnuts and more pineapple. 
  • Go for it. Wishing you all a happy and healthy eating.

  • I suggest you skip adding any sugar to the oats. Keep it healthy.
  • If you add bananas along with the Pineapple, it becomes Tropicolada Oats. 
  • Add berries, yogurt and honey- it becomes Berry blast overnight Oats. 
  • Try an Apple Cinnamon and honey combination.
  • Top and mix any nut of your choice - Cashew nuts, Almonds, Pistachio, Macadamia, Walnut, Pecans... anything you want.
  • The options are endless.

PANEER CAPSICUM CURRY - For the Paneer Lovers

"My love for Paneer will continue for ever, ever and ever". Does this sound like a romantic film dialogue? I can justify. A medley of super soft Paneer, diced crispy capsicums in a fragrant curry base is an absolute winner - Always.  The addition of Paneer to any simple meal gives a complete make over to the dish and can take it to a different level altogether. I can visualize like minded people nod in affirmation. Yay! Lets go and make some Paneer now.  

PISTACHIO ICE CREAM - No churn and No eggs Celebrating the National Ice cream Day and Month

Incidentally, I came to know that it is International Ice cream day today. It was in the 80's, the then President Mr Ronald Reagan declared July to be the Ice cream month and every third Sunday of July be International Ice cream day.  That's a quite an information for ice cream lovers like me. I found this reason fitting enough for this post.

CARROT & APPLE MILLET PAYASAM - Celebrating Aadi Festival

Worshipping Goddess and her different forms during the month of Aadi can instill positive vibrations effective for creating  happiness and also brings about health, wealth and prosperity in life.

This is a special annual opprtunity to establish a closer link with the Divine feminine on these Aadi Fridays that are to follow. Celebrate with this Millet Payasam/ Kheer and be blessed with her grace.

My MIL is an expert in developing new recipes that are quick to prepare. She has an accurate judgment of recipe outcome  that turns out to be extremely delicious even during first trials.I have succeeded many times following her measurements that has won me praises among many. This Millet Payasam is one such example. 

Here goes her recipe. 

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 15 mins
Recipe Level : Easy
Recipe Category: Sweet, Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 2-3
Recipe Source : MIL

1 Red delicious Apple- peeled and grated
1/2  Carrot - peeled and grated
4 cups Full cream milk/ Whole milk
1 heaped tbsp Kodo millet (Varagu)
1 heaped tbsp Barnyard millet ( Kuthiraivaali)
4 tbsp raw sugar
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
2 tbsp ghee
Cashew nuts and raisins for garnish
1 1/2 cup Water
A pinch of salt

  • Powder Kodo and Barnyard millet coarsely in a mixer grinder. Disperse the flour in a thick bottomed vessel with 1 cup water. Add a pinch of salt and cook on stove top until it becomes soft .
  • Add the grated carrot and Apple to the cooked millet and add the remaining half cup water, milk, sugar and continue to cook until it thickens.
  • Add cardamom powder and bring it to a rolling boil. Switch off. Fry cashew nuts and raisins in 2 tbsp ghee and add it to the Payasam. Garnish with cardamom powder and saffron strands.
  • Offer it to the Deity and then serve.


  • This Payasam was not too sweet. I preferred to keep it minimum  as the Apple and Carrot were sweet. Increase the quantity if you prefer.
  • The sugar can also be replaced with 1/4 cup of condensed milk.

FRUIT AND NUT OVERNIGHT OATS - Kick start your day with this power breakfast

We all know that breakfast( breaking the fast) is the most important meal in a day, but definitely a big challenge for many. For people who leave home early, skipping breakfast can end up making one gobble more calories in the later part of the day. So, if you are one of them who rushes out without having breakfast, consider making this Overnight oats. Its hassle free and requires no cooking. I am making it loud and clear- No cooking. I adapted this recipe from my blog buddy Rafs, who pens The Big Sweet Tooth. I was bowled over by this Tropical Overnight Oats which is literally a child's play. True... Its very easy to assemble. Efforts minimum and outcome maximum. 

MANGO SORBET - Beat the summer heat with this 3 Ingredient Mango Dessert

I hate Summers, yet I love them. Does this sound like an oxymoron? Yes, it is... I hate summer for its scorching heat. But, I equally love summers for the Mango shower it bestows upon us. Mangoes and summers are inseparable companions and unbeatable too. Mango desserts make summers enjoyable and you can make "n" number of combinations using them as a base. 

Today's post is a dairy free, vegan dessert (Sorbet) with only 3 ingredients in which Mango is the star ingredient.  The mixture of Mango pulp, lemon juice and sugar works like magic and makes a luscious, smooth, creamy, sparkling, tangy- sweet .... Oh! I am tired of describing. Feel free to describe in your own adjectives after you have given it a bite. 

I prepared this Sorbet when I invited my cousin and her husband home for lunch last week and they loved this. The pictures shot in the Ramekins were taken immediately after I churned the Sorbet for a soft serve. The scoop by itself formed a natural swirl resembling a cup cake frosting. I absolutely loved every bit of the duels - soft serve and the hard pack. 

Now, Begin !!

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  • I don t have an ice cream maker and hence used a normal hand beater to churn the ice cream. If you have an ice cream maker, the results will be even better and makes your life easy. 



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