Seedai is a popular delicacy prepared for Gokulashtami / Krishna Jayanthi . One is a sweet version and its counterpart is a savoury version and well known as "Vella Seedai" and "Uppu Seedai" respectively. 

I learnt this recipe from my MIL after marriage. She is an expert in making Vella Seedai. Seedai is a tricky snack and requires experience, practice and patience to get it right without bursting. 

I have personally witnessed a Seedai bursting experience at a neighbours place when I was a kid. So, I generally don't attempt such snacks when I am alone. I am not telling this to scare you  but just giving a word of caution as what to expect.  

Nevertheless, preparing this recipe is a delightful exercise and worth the effort. So.....Go ahead. Give a it a try and enjoy the festive ocassion.

 Preparation Time: 2hrs                        Cooking Time: 40-45mins                             Yield: 40 to50
 Cuisine: South Indian                           Ocassion : Festival

2 glass of raw rice
2 glass of pounded jaggery
1 tbsp Black gram dhal/ Urad Dhal
7-8 cardamom seeds powdered
1tbsp white sesame seeds
4 tbsp of finely chopped Fresh Coconut or
4tbsp of Freshly grated or dessicated  coconut
2tsp ghee
Oil for frying


  • Wash and soak the rice for 1 hour atleast. Drain the water and spread it out on a clean towel to dry.
  • Grind the rice in a mixer to make a fine powder and seive it.  Dry roast the flour immediately in a Kadai in small batches till it turns slightly yellow. Should take 2 to 3 mins for a small batch. Not more than that. 
  • Remove from flame and transfer to a plate and cool. Store it in an airtight container if you make it two to three days or even a week prior to the festival. Else, proceed to make Vella Seedai immediately after this step.
  • Use the same Kadai to roast the Urad Dhal until a nice aroma wafts and powder it. Add it to the rice flour.
  • Now powder the cardamom seeds. Add it to the Rice and Urad Dhal mix along with Coconut, Sesame seeds and the Cardamom powder. Mix to combine well.
  • In a thick bottomed vessel, dissolve the jaggery with just sufficient water to submerge it. Once done, quickly strain the impurities and pour it back into the same vessel.
  • You need not wait for any stages. Once it starts boiling add the flour little by little and mix thoroughly without lumps. It forms a smooth pliable dough.
  • Switch off the flame. When still warm start rolling them into small size marbles and arrange them on a clean dry towel. Grease your palm with little ghee while rolling.
  • Meanwhile, heat 2tsp of ghee and oil in a Kadai on low flame. Gently drop 4 to 5 marbles and cook on low flame until you get a deep brown colour. 
  • Continue until you are done with all the dough. 
  • Flip the marbles in between for even browning. When done, drain on a paper towel. Cool and store in an airtight container.

  • You can see a slight fissure on the surface of the Vella Seedai that is not too deep.Not to worry.
  • Always keep the flame low. This is to ensure even cooking till the core of the Vella Seedai.
  • Do not add excess water to dissolve jaggery. You may lose out on dough consistency.

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