'3' PEPPER AND ONION SPAGHETTI - Healthy,Sumptuous and Easy to Cook

I have a special place for Italian food in my heart. As kids, team outings  to "Pizza Hut" and  "Dominos" with siblings and cousins was always fun, "big bites" and "mouthful" of Pizza and Pasta coupled with lots of laughter. This was when Italian outlets started showing up here and there in Metro cities in late 90's.  

We  Foodies still continue to do it when we happen to be together.

MANGALORE RASAM - A Droolworthy and Delightful Appetizer for the Soul - Stepwise recipe

Feeling tired? No mood for elaborate cooking? Want something quick and spicy? Then, please go for this Mangalore Rasam with some Spicy Potato curry. You 'll thank yourself for trying this. 

I have learnt a good number of recipes from my MIL after marriage. She is an expert in South Indian cuisine and also has a good hand on Karnataka style recipes which she had collected as a young bride during her initial wedded years in Bangalore.This is one my personal favourites that I keep preparing often whenever I feel like winding up kitchen routine quickly.


Seedai is a popular delicacy prepared for Gokulashtami / Krishna Jayanthi . One is a sweet version and its counterpart is a savoury version and well known as "Vella Seedai" and "Uppu Seedai" respectively. 


Of all the Ice creams I prepared recently, this Homemade Raspberry Ripple ice cream turned out to be the best and most liked by Family members. 

Ice creams are a big No- No to my husband as he is intolerant to cold foods. Its always been the case with anything chilled. But there are always some exceptions to this rule specially when it comes to any berry based products. He has a strong liking towards Strawberry and Raspberry.

RASPBERRY COULIS - A tangy, sweet and delicious sauce recipe!

The meaning of Coulis in Greek literally means pureed berries or Fruit Sauce. I like all kind of berries and usually pick some when I set eyes on them. I have already written Love notes on Strawberries and Raspberries in my earlier post. Check my Pink Berry Duo recipe to know more about these lovable berries.

I am not quite sure about commercially available Coulis, but I can guarantee you that it is quite a simple job to make this "Lickalicious Sauce" at home and stock it for a while to be used. It took me hardly 10 minutes to complete the show. So let us start.



Today I am presenting an Tam Brahm Iyengar special recipe : Kadambha Saadham it is. This recipe is almost close to Sambhar Saadham  and mo...