I recently read a book on Philosopher J. Krishnamurti , written by his Personal Secretary and Chef,  Mr. Parameshwaran. The book was a collection of his personal experience and pleasant encounters with eminent personalities and celebrities and their favourite cuisine. 


There was a post request from my cousin Vagheesh for North Indian recipes in my blog space and this one is for him. Vags... Hope you enjoy making this Bean Khorma. GOODLUCK!. Sri ( My husband) loved the dish too.

I have noticed people using Black Eyed beans (Kaaraamani) mostly during Navarathri or during Kaaradaiyaan Nonbu. Its use in other curries and gravies is rather unfounded. At least to me. The recipe source is from Kavithavin Kaivannam which I recently came across and I have made some changes to the recipe to suit my taste. The recipe may look elaborate but not so difficult to prepare. Believe me! Its worth the effort you take.


Making Idlis for breakfast is a breezy task. Its really a hassle free cooking and a great time saver . All that you need to do is pour the batter,steam, lay the table and wait to get your hands on the soft and fluffy Idlis :). I love them specially when they are soaked in Sambar. Yummmm!!. On the contrary my husband does not like Idlis and always prefers Dosas  to Idlis. My brother who also despises Idlis  always fought with my Mother if she announced Idlis for breakfast.... Idli memories!!! :)Having said this, I must say I don t get to make it very often here as MAJORITY WINS, despite the fact that me and hubby are the only two for recipe voting. :)


"The Hindu Mythology states interesting facts about Ambalapuzha  and Guruvayoor Paal Paayasam about how it happened to become Lord Krishna's favourite dish.Once Lord Krishna in disguise of a Sage challenged the King of Ambalappuzha in a game of Chess. The lord claimed that the King should pay him 13 rice grains if he wins but on condition that the quantity be doubled as the dice advances each square. He outwitted the King and his subjects as the final quantity of rice that the King owed to Lord Krishna exhausted the Rice granary of the Kingdom. The King realized that he was challenged none other than Lord Krishna and prostrated before him. The Lord pacified him by saying that the King can relieve himself of his debt by serving Rice and Milk porridge to people for free whenever they visited Ambalappuzha temple. It is prepared till date at the temple premises with utmost devotion. That is how Paal Paayasam came into exixtence. 


Ever since i started this blog I have been uploading more of South Indian Delicacies. The reason being my necessity to strengthen skills in this domain as my husband and in laws are PRO - SOUTH INDIAN but they do like a few North Indian delicacies too.


My husband loves Fresh Methi Leaves and always tries to fish one out from the Greens section whenever we go Vegetable shopping. He grabs them as they don t show up in the market very often. I do use fresh leaves in my cooking but I equally love using Kasoori Methi. This fragrant bitter leaf  in any form is a taste enhancer and is a medical reservoir. Given a choice, I ll opt for the second one as it appeals more to me.


Kesari is an anytime treat for me. I would gobble even two cups full given at any time be it morning, noon or night. My love for this wonderful sweet has a reason. Its because of Amma!!My Mother        ( Usha Amma) makes the best Kesari in my opinion. She makes it exactly the same way every time and I admire her for that. So wonderfully smelling would be the Kesari, that I would sniff  my way straight to the kitchen to nibble some fried cashews and would ask her ," Un Kesari eppovumey epdi Amma correct ah varuthu? She never answers that question verbally but would throw her usual classic smile instead.



Today I am presenting an Tam Brahm Iyengar special recipe : Kadambha Saadham it is. This recipe is almost close to Sambhar Saadham  and mo...