No Pooja is complete without a Prasaadam and Shri Rama Navami is no exception. As the festival falls in the month of summer, Paanagam and Neer Moru are served to all devotees marking the completion of the ritual. These are coolants and great thirst quenchers and at the same time giving us two different and distinct tongue treats. I simply appreciate our ancestors about how thoughtful they were in when it comes to these consummate home celebrations.

"Shri Rama Navami" or "Rama Navami" is  a very popular  Hindu Festival celebrating the joy of  Lord Rama's birth. The festival is also celebrated as "Shri Sitarama Kalyanam" at Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh in accordance with Shri Rama Nama Smaranam. Various Rama temples are thronged by devotees on this auspicious day.

                                                             JAI SHRI RAM!!


When it comes to thirst quenchers, Milkshakes are popular choices too. Mango, the prime one among the "Fruit Trinity" ( Mango, Jackfruit and Banana), is certainly anyone's tongue treat. I have attempted to give a small edge to the usual Mango Milkshake, which turned out to be both tasty and aromatic!! Sometimes we don't realize that seldom used ingredients in the kitchen shelf can certainly add a great flavour and taste to the common recipes we otherwise make..... Would you like to know what made the Mango Milkshake have an edge out? Then scroll down for the recipe and have a pampered summer drink!!!!!


 I saw this recipe on Raji's space ( RAK' S KITCHEN) and gave it a try. Thanks Raji! I simply loved the colourful Uthappams and enjoyed every bite of the double faced Uthappam whose crust that was soft and fluffy on one side and crisp on the other. The colourful display of all these Mini Uthapams is certainly a good choice for a breakfast or dinner menu and is both a Visual and Tongue Treat, as well as Kid's Delight.


It feels great to have fresh juice to complete a breakfast!! And its  always a double yes for me and my family members. We like trying different combinations to suit our taste and this Beetroot Ginger Juice is one such combo from my husband. This BG juice has been a compulsory part of our breakfast menu for more than an year. Trust me. I ve prepared it umpteen times and is really really refreshing and I guarantee that your system feels cleansed by the EOD!! So try this to kick start your mornings.


Hey All,

If you are longing for a delicious recipe that you can cook in minutes, then read ahead!! I can assure you that it saves you from your mundane kitchen routine for a day ( meal)!! And would you not love a fragrant green recipe, so soothing and so tempting??Whip up this super quick Kothamalli Pachhadi        ( I learnt from my loving MIL) for lunch or dinner that your family would love to have to with rice, parathas or chapathis - you try for yourself but do taste a spoonful first for your best choice of combos!!


The ever flavourful Ginger is a quintessential ingredient in South Asian kitchens. I use plenty of ginger in my cooking. I however despise using ginger in Chai and personally feel that milk does not blend well with ginger... Anyway, that is just my view and am aware that "Adraki Chai" is an all-time favourite among Indians. I have noticed that South East Asians consume a lot of Coffee and Herbal Tea without milk unlike Indians who do so with lots of it. Me and hubby happened to visit a Javanese Massage hut recently where they served Ginger tea with Coconut sugar as a welcome drink. We were pretty impressed. I thought of trying out something similar with ginger minus milk and was quite successful in my first attempt.It is a bliss sipping this concoction and sure to revive and refresh you and your family members on a tiring day. Treat your family members with this Homemade Ginger Tea today.Enjoy!!.



Today I am presenting an Tam Brahm Iyengar special recipe : Kadambha Saadham it is. This recipe is almost close to Sambhar Saadham  and mo...