Mysorepauk is said to have originated from the Mysore Maharaja Palace. The King's chief cook invented this sweet by cooking gram flour, sugar and ghee and the King liked it instantly and ordered the cook to put up a stall outside the palace for his people as they can enjoy the same. This is the original story. Source wiki.


Coconuts are grown on tall trees and is a tropical food. It is classified both under Fruits and Nuts owing to its flower and fruit bearing nature and also being a rich source of Coconut oil. Coconut and its by products are widely used in different types and styles of cooking and also considered mandatory offerings in various religious and auspicious ceremonies in Hindu Communities.The white fleshy meat and the subtle sweet water from coconut are the most favoured edible portions. 



Fruits are natures gift to humans. Organizations like WHO/ FDA and ICMR always recommend one serving of fruit a day.So i suggest you all do the same. Besides the fact that Fruits hydrate the skin and taste good they are powerful sources of Antioxidants(most Vitamins and Minerals) and also good sources of Fructose,Fiber and Water. Though the  best way to consume fruits is to eat it whole there are other options too to convert it to a an appealing dessert, pie or an ice-cream.


Eggplant/ Brinjals/ Baingan/ Vankaai/ Katharikkai is used extensively in different types of cooking. It develops a pleasant flavour when cooked with spices and tastes heavenly specially when added to Sambhar or Kuzhambu varieties. I am tempted to pick brinjals , everytime I go Vegetable shopping in Little India, simply because I am attracted to all possible shades of violets that is displayed. My husband's choice is the white variety and mine is the violet that looks more attractive when placed next to the white ones. But one should select the Brinjals with care and free of beetles, fleas and mites. 


                                                   SLICED POTATO CURRY

Potatoes / Urulai Kizhangu/ Aalu has been around for centuries and is loved by all. There are more than 100 varieties that are widely cultivated across the globe and range in size, shape and colour. Potatoes originated from South America. Its starchy and creamy nature enables this neutral veggie to blend with different foods and also stand out individually.  This nature and ability to blend makes it a comfort food and one of the choicest vegetable in different cuisines.  Potatoes fair well whether baked, fried or roasted or when added to a gravy or any rice preparation. No wonder it is categorized as a  Universal Vegetable.People believe that Potatoes cause flatus and is not good for health. I differ..... If you cook it in the right way and eat the right quantity then it is healthy. Besides being  rich in starch Potatoes are also good sources Vitamin C, B6, Tryptophan and  Manganese. I love potatoes like anybody else and is definitely part of my weekly menu. I had some Red Pontiacs ( A potato variety)  and the usual ones left in my basket and was thinking what I could do with it  and  prepared this recipe in an impulse  with whatever came to my mind . To my surprise my In Laws and Husband liked it a lot. Hope you enjoy it too. Hey...But remember to stop with one serving.;)!!




Flattened Rice/ Aval/ Poha is a convenience food. It is a rice by product and is prepared by flattening the rice husks. Aval is incorporated into various dishes and consumed across India by different communities. It is used in the preparation of sweets and savouries and light snacks. It tastes good even when eaten raw. The low sodium content of Aval makes it a good therapeutic food  for  hypertensive patients as it lowers blood pressure.You can prepare dishes using Aval in no time even when you get short notice from your guests. I learnt this quick recipe from my MIL.  It is an ideal Breakfast or Evening Tiffin and is quite filing too. 


Indian Snacks or Savouries are delicious and are liked by all.  OMA PODI is no exception.You can find this recipe being a part of any festival menu. It can be prepared in a short time and is ideal munch upon with some Tea or Coffee.  My MIL taught me this recipe and all of us simply love this. Trust me... Once you start, you can't stop eating until its finished. Try this snack for Deepavali and ad more variety to your menu.


Indian Desserts are very tempting and mouth-watering. Be it a scorching summer or a bone clattering winter Indian Mithai is always too difficult to resist. A sumptuous meal is always incomplete without a sweet dish like Gulab Jamun or Kulfi or Gajar ka Halwa. 




Today I am presenting an Tam Brahm Iyengar special recipe : Kadambha Saadham it is. This recipe is almost close to Sambhar Saadham  and mo...